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[SRmp3 200-1] Various Artists - Sociopath Breakdown Vol.1

Title: Various Artists - Sociopath Breakdown Vol.1
Catalog: SRmp3 200-1
Format: mp3
Released: 2011/03/22

Art work: RANO?

01.Broken NVEP (France) - Rave On!
02.Audiotist (Belgium) - Sick Gypsy
03.Infekkted (Greece) - God Damn Hippy
04.Headshot (Belgium) - The Second Assault
05.Broken Toy (France) - Drunken Weapon
06.Pizza Circus (Russia) - Im Fuckin Crazy Psycho Madman What You Want
07.Jerk (France) - Crazzy Hype
08.Remithracja (My Gloomy Machine (Canada) & Rekombinacja (Poland)) - Favorable Fate
09.CDR (Japan) - Xmas Hell
10.Rohstein (Poland) - Los Żuleros
11.Porion (France) - Evil Dread
12.Sir.Vixx (US) Whore
13.Ironska (Taiwan) - My Sweet Sweet Ganja Gal
14.Zeuge (Belarus)Sentence
15.Xeroderman (Belgium) - CCC Riot
16.Matheus (UK) Odb
17.Fish.the (Taiwan) - Ore No Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai (Irony Mix)
18.Llamatron (France) - One Night with My Funky Duck
19.Vortex of Entropy (Belgium) - Versie 2 Bitchez Come and Go
20.Negrobeat (Sweden) Gabberin
21.Sexual Prey (US) - Don't Wear No Shirt
22.Sküge (Belgium) - Electrified
23.Slutto (Canada) vs. Stazma (France) - Junglechrist My Chaos-slut
24.Le Crabe (France) - Down With the Sociopath Dog
25.The Ghost Of 3.13 (Romania) Mom
26.Vasectoven (France) - Neptunia Chrysanthemum
27.Phuq (UK) - It's All Gonna Happen Now
28.Sonic Deadhorse (Taiwan) - 11/7 Coastline

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