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[SRCOMP 001] Various Artists - Sociopath Blitzkrieg

Catalog#:: SRCOMP 001
Format:: mp3
Released Date:: 2007.10.26
Art Work by:: Zoe Lo
Full Download:: 37 tracks + covers


01.Les Sécrétions Romantiques - En Riant
02.Goroe - Arghht
03.The H8RS - Shitfuk
04.Baconhanger - Brown Acid
05.Joni Speedbass - Your A Victim (Joni Speedbass Remix, original track by Fabulous23s)
06.KRX - Harsh Like My Dog While Having Sex
07.DJ Skye - Machine
08.OriginalT - I've Got Mad Skillz
09.Psudaform - Spiral Infinity
10.Jacobeat - I C D End
11.m.n.h.o. - Ocho
12.Lutkin - Lamara
13.Barry Hercules - Recombinant
14.Syphilis Sauna - I'm A Pretty Boy Whore (And Proud)
15.Mimes For Smack - Formaheap
16.Bitkrusher - Milk At Midnight
17.It Happened One Autumn - Distantstations (Remix)
18.Night Walker - Fairy Chess
19.The Grand Ayatollah Blade - The Other Half Of The Screen

Part.1 Download


01.Nailbomb Cults - Buffet Queen
02.Negrobeat - Boogie Woogie
03.Johnny Weissbrot - Junglistarmxxx+
04.Subduxtion - The Insekt Temple
05.FriDaKoRe - MonCherieAliceDee
06.Akaratz - Les Boucles Ras Que Etranges
07.Bioniqe - Your Period
08.Logik Terrorist - LatexBurritos
09.Leftform - 10060616
10.Ironska - Sakut II
11.Anarchist Headache - Reproductions
12.Kamikaze Deadboy - Amelie Poulain
13.MR eFA - Peoples
14.Antoine Trauma - Cure the Machine
15.Kabelton - Gokeweso
16.Ogogo - Shem The Penman
17.Toiletooth - Thumbs = Cashews
18.Knarf - Fingers&Thumbs

Part.2 Download