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[SRmp3 129] Thank Fuscia - Over 31 Miles Of Breakbit

Artist: Thank Fuscia
Title: Over 31 Miles Of Breakbit
Label: Sociopath Recordings
Catalog#: SRmp3 129
Format: mp3
Released: 2009/02/20

03.Glimpse Of The Past
05.Romeo Loves Juliet
06.Scorpion (Drum and Bass Mix)
07.A Revelation (Of Lightforce)
08.Asteroids (The Amiga Chronicles Pt.1)
09.Space Invaders (The Amiga Chronicles Pt.2)
10.With Diamonds
11.Black Knight Lazer Light Party
13.Mario Is Invincible
14.Constant Failure
15.In The Blink Of An Eye
16.One (8-bit Metallica Speed Remix)
17.Logon (Sabrepulse Remix)
18.Spirit Trance
19.Smoke The Weed
20.The Future Speed
21.Like I'm In A Fuckin' Movie
23.Boy From The Swamp (swampyboy Megamix)
24.Biting Angel's Necks (Remastered)
25.Clean Up Your Eyes (The Dykeenies Cover)
26.Energise (Orchestrated) [Extended IDM Mix]

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