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[SRmp3 272] Bod - Cyberpunked

Artist: Bod
Title:  Cyberpunked
Label: Sociopath Recordings
Catalog: SRmp3 272
Format: mp3

Released: 2013/7/13

02.Seattle Night Shuttle
03.Infiltrating the Corp Matrix
04.Whiskey and Soy
05.01am on the Freeway
06.Arcology Incognito
07.Capsule Hotel Love
10.Always Another Run
11.Alive in a Slum
12.Business Negotiatinos
13.A Runners Mourning
14.Urban Soldiers
15.Resistance to the Machine
16.Toxic Rain Beauty
17.Take Your Life Back
18.Friends aren't Immune to Addiction
19.Assembling the Armor
20.I Kill in Slowmo
21.It Grows Your Orange
22.Let the Corpses Fly
23.Farewell to Society


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