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[SRmp3 252] Rubber Muffin - Super Shifty Dance Junk

Artist: Rubber Muffin
Title: Super Shifty Dance Junk
Label: Sociopath Recordings
Catalog: SRmp3 252
Format: mp3
Released: 2012/11/9

01.I'll Future Your Boogie with Funky Break Your House Core and Raise You 10000 for Hollie
02.Rubber Muffin by Rubber Muffin off the Album Rubber Muffin
03.Fuck off I Can Do that (Even with Quantizing Issues)
04.Big E Can Bounce Bacon, Bounce Again, and then Boogie
05.Necrolectro Featuring Geoffstep
06.Mr T Core (Waa Pa Pwa)
07.The Power of Greyskull I Refuse to Finish this Track
08.Late Night Sexy Electrics (Wutsup Wutsup Wutsup Wutsup Wutsup Wutsup Wutsup... ... ...)


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