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[SRmp3 244] Ill Fat Liza - Pure Silence Vs. Cat Vomiting

Artist: Ill Fat Liza
Title: Pure Silence Vs. Cat Vomiting
Label: Sociopath Recordings
Catalog: SRmp3 244
Format: mp3
Released: 2012/07/11

01.Ill Fat Liza - Pure Silence Vs. Cat Vomiting 
02.Ill Fat Liza - The Worst Crystal Cowboy in the World 
03.Ill Fat Liza - Kick in the Stomach 
04.Ill Fat Liza - Brutal Rape
05.Ill Fat Liza - Thirteen Grams of My Nerves
06.Lou Lesage - Can Be Cruel (Ill Fat Liza Remix)
07.Ill Fat Liza - Not sure
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